MipMap Technologies

MipMap is joining forces with MIT and the World Bank

Mipmap is proud to announce their commitment, along with The World Bank, to the “Land, Water, Air (LWA) Initiative” via MIT’s Senseable City Lab (https://senseable.mit.edu/). The primary driver for the MIT LWA Center is to present a vision for a worldwide consortium to conduct research, establish standards, and foster partnerships for digital innovations in the management of Land, Water, and Air. Taking rapid and collaborative action in this field is vital when one considers that:

• More than 2 in 3 people on earth lack proper title to the land they inhabit [WB]

• Ambient air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people per year [WHO]

• Poor water quality can eliminate up to 30% of potential economic growth in heavily polluted areas [WB]

Providing practical solutions requires a combination of real-world experience and cutting edge technology. As Mipmap we commit to leveraging our decades of experience in providing Geospatial Solutions in the Middle East and North Africa in order to help define methods that will see true results for fundamental issues such as ‘Land Registry’, GIS infrastructure and more. Additionally we wish to harness the 3D analysis power of the Mipmap Suite to study air pollutant and water flow dynamics on a geospatial scale and provide applicable solutions.

You may contact us for more information on the “LWA Initiative”.

You may also follow some of the Lab’s other global projects via their website at https://senseable.mit.edu