MipMap Technologies

MIPMAP is looking for a Software Engineer

We are an international IT company based in the Netherlands.

We are seeking a software engineer with 10+ years professional experience to work in our Ankara branch for domestic and international projects.


ArcGIS skills:

1- Competence in ArcGIS online authentication and authorization methods.

2- High-level experience with ArcGIS suite, extensions and geoprocessing tools.

3- Familiarity with ArcObject and good understanding of SOE and SOI development and deployment.

4-Thorough knowledge of ArcGIS REST API service architecture.

5- Good understanding of IDEs (Arcgis for java, .net, python, qt, ios, android, javascript, react, angular) in ArcGIS server/backend and client/frontend development.

6- Strong knowledge of ArcGIS and other geodata  standards (I3s, ogc, FME, geodatabase, GeoJSON, GML, etc. ).

7- Knowledge of major differences between open source GIS solutions and ArcGIS.

Software Skills:

1- Good knowledge of HTML 5 specifications and familiarity with its extra features.

2- Basic experience with ECMAScript ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8 and ES Next etc. standards as well as former JavaScript syntax and TypeScript.

3- Familiarity with new generation JavaScript compiler components such as Webpack, Babel and Polyfill tools.

4- Basic understanding of CSS, SCSS, Less and Sass syntax.

5- Basic knowledge of commonly used java, .net – jquery, ext js, dojo and the newer technologies like angular, react, vue, node js, net core.

6- Familiarity with database technologies (SQL Server, Oracle, ArcSDE, Postgre) and a good understanding of SQL server clustering techniques.

7- General knowledge of NoSQL databases.

8- Basic knowledge of native and hybrid mobile software development technologies. 

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