MipMap Technologies

Internet of Things

In MipMap, we have a fresh, innovative approach to IoT.

Mipmap’s IoT Suite is our proprietary technology that runs the full vertical stack of IoT. In other words, using our Suite you can set up your IoT devices (acquired through us or 3rd party), define your workflows, set up your sensor-based rules as well as custom field data forms and reports. What makes this system unique and powerful is the way it seamlessly combines human behavior and devices to suit your requirements.

Some examples include:

  • Monitoring storage conditions and automatically triggering checks when certain values are reached (i.e., temperature rise in cold storage). Your custom workflows allow you to customize what field operators do during these checks (fill in data, take pictures, scan QR etc.) as well as providing warning to supervisors if the tasks are not completed in time.
  • Detecting when certain assets are accessed, replenishing supplies, placing limits on the amounts that can be acquired by certain personnel and determining if the assets reach their destination.
  • Match workflows with assets, for example, using this system a health worker may be required to use disinfectant and put on a fresh barrier before gaining access to a catheter. Similarly, the use of certain tools in production can automatically indicate the stage of the production process, thus automatically invoking a just-in-time flow for the upcoming steps.

It is possible to generate many more scenarios to suit your requirements, our system has proven to be successful in domains such as energy optimization in organic bioreactors, field condition controllers and automated equipment tracking in factory settings.

Mipmap IoT Suite becomes even more powerful inside facilities as it integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS Indoors for an extended range of capabilities. Added benefits of combining our IoT solution with ArcGIS Indoors include:

  • Real-time position tracking of assets, tasks and personnel
  • Smart space management, enhanced with real-time monitoring
  • Thematic data visualization on floorplans
  • Integration with facility management systems from vendors such as IBM and Cisco
  • Dashboard and data analytics for more advanced operations