MipMap Technologies

Internet of Things

In MipMap, we have a fresh, innovative approach to IoT.


We will be updating the content of this page with an overview of our solution combining the power of Evolved.City and Esri’sArcGIS Indoors. In order to follow our roadmap and current projects please refer to the following blog entries.

Our distinct vision allows users to:

  • start quickly without taking risks,
  • grow their system organically to meet specific requirements or
  • even cover a whole city or an industry 4.0 site.

Our IoT and Facility Management Solution is a full vertical IoT technology stack that includes, first and foremost, IoT hardware (which also supports 3rd party hardware), edge coding, communication layer components, workflow module, content management system (CMS) and, just as importantly, a mobile field application. 

Our technology owes its novelty and power to a ground-up focus on a flexible workflow core that brings, not just technical experts, but all stakeholders from company management to field operators and visitors into facility management. You will find, in no time, that our IoT and Facility Management Solution is flexible enough to handle real-time spatial management requirements in a variety of settings such as factories, offices, universities, hospitals, and more.

Evolved. City

Our Unique Holistic Approach:

1) Evolved.City covers the full spectrum of IoT applications from the application site hardware to cloud-accessible expert decision systems. During the first step you may either use Evolved.City hardware or register your own hardware. Some of the hardware examples are:

  • Sensors: temperature, motion, sound
  • Communication: WiFi, Lora
  • Actuators: Locks, automated watering

2) Possibly, the most neglected part of IoT solutions is the ability to define field requirements, which include sensors as well as people. You can use MipMap’s powerful Workflow module, Evolved.City, to define rules and workflows to handle your requirements.

3) Adding the human element to IoT should be more than sending notifications. Evolved.City’s customizable mobile app allows for direct feedback and interaction from the field.

4) Your IoT system must allow you to create a knowledge base for making better decisions. Using Evolved.City, you will be capable of:

  • Automatically generating custom reports from your workflows,
  • Running analysis and populating models with results, and
  • Forcing data entry as part of workflows.

You can even keep a history of your on-site elements, such as:

  • When and how often a light fixture was repaired,
  • Which pests were detected at a farm or
  • Temperature profile of concrete at a construction.

Industrial Smart Locker

Our Industrial Smart Locker (ISL) provides intelligent inventory management for factories, municipalities, parks and more. Our inventory tracking uses artifical intelligence and image processing methods. ISL can be custom designed to manage your inventory in many different environments. You can add even more detailed rules using our web and mobile applications.
  • Track items using image processing
  • Restock / request repairs (may integrate w ERP)
  • Smart lock using QR Codes or RFID
  • Allocate resources to personnel
  • Handle request and automate reports


Our smart recycling solution ‘Depozitomatik’ uses sensors to instantly detect different materials which are then sorted into their dedicated chambers. Non-recyclable items will be discarded. Additional sensors detect collected materials; this information is automatically used to generate reports, detect losses in the collection processes, and more.
  • Single point of entry for automatic sorting
  • Smart collection workflows to deter remixing of recyclables (Optional).
  • Detect loss via sensor based collection zone (Optional). 
  • Detect usage patterns, optimize collection and detect demand.
  • Map based performance visualization

Evolved. Health

The Evolved.Health prototype was developed to add safety, efficiency and automation to hospital rooms and medical visits. Evolved.Health minimizes nurse visits (thus reducing infection risks) by smartly combining tasks. It allows doctors and nurses to set their own rules, allows for expansion to external health services (including Bluetooth medical devices) and can generate automated reports. The system has several smart components which work together.
  • Buried sensor box measuring temperature and moisture in toxic environment
  • Real time gas measurements using mobile app
  • Multiple interactions with devices including bluetooth and OCR
  • SVG based real-time site data visualization

Evolved. Energy

Evolved.City has been implemented for Bioreactor-based landfill energy production across multiple sites in Turkey. The primary challenge for methane-based energy production is gathering data from sensors buried along different depths, ranging from 6 to 25 meters. Our unique sensor box design is combined with the Evolved.City technology to improve energy production by more than 15%. The system has several smart components which work together:
  • Room sensor monitor: temperature, moisture, air quality, noise…
  • Smart Medicine Cart: communicates with the room sensors for location awareness, smart drawers to provide correct medication
  • Smart Measurement Devices: temperature and blood pressure type measurements communicate directly with the system for taking the correct steps
  • Workflow and Reporting: set the treatment rules, generate automated reports