MipMap Technologies


Multiple Usage

Municipalities & Local Governments
Large Scale Construction
parametric design
real estate
water management
3D cadastres
geospatial industry


·        Acquisition of Aerial Imagery by Aircraft or Drones

·        Aerial Triangulation computations

·        DEM / DSM / DTM Compilation & Contouring

·        True Orthophoto Compilation (to pixel resolution)

·        Precise 3D terrain / topography compilation (to pixel resolution) 

·        Development of 3D building models (roof and façade texture generated) and other structures (to pixel resolution)

·        Compilation of 3D digital base maps and cadastral parcels  


Geospatial Data Extraction

·        Produce Digital twins of the Cities in a very fast, accurate and cost-effective way.

·        Digital Twins are used by smart cities, urban planning, utility management, city management, public safety and more


·       Editing

·       Continuous coordinate measurements

·       Distance, height and slope measurements

·       Heading and span angle measurements

·       Area and volume computations

·       Profiles

·       Buffers (point, polyline and area in real-time)

·       Screenshots, scenery, panorama tools

·       Zoom to location tool, Queries 

3D Displays

·       Solid (overlay imagery in solid or transparency level)

·       Elevation (different color modes, filtering results with min and max values)   

·       Slope (values of all area as real time, filtering by min and max values)

·       Aspect (shows the aspect values with different color with filtering option)

·       Contours (generates any contours & project to  terrain surface at real-time)  

·       Visual Filters  (ambient occlusion, depth of field, motion blur, bloom, color grading, grain, vignette, lut)

·       Date / Time  (go specific date and time and see the day light, shadows etc.)  

·       Weather (give different weather effects like storm, rain etc.)


Insurance Risk Assessment & Computational Fluid Dynamics

·       Fire, flood, wind risks, citywide wind model

·       Single building-based detailed wind model

·       Roof ice load risk

·       CBRN (Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear) dispersion model

·       Disaster management analysis 

Solar Tools

·       Solar position calculation, solar path visualization

·       Precise thermal insolation calculation, global reflection and refraction

·       Building solar energy performance calculationannual photovoltaic panel energy generation calculation,

·       Manual and automatic photovoltaic panel placement on building roof and/or facade

Planning Tools

·       Planning regulations (floor area ratio, Hmax, etc.) and urban development legislation

·       Urban heat island analysis, wind assessment, Wind/pedestrian comfort analysis

·       City silhouette/skyline protection for historical skylines

·       Traffic load/infrastructure assessment

·       Flight safety and airport risk assessment (obstacle limitation surfaces)   

Public Security Tools

·       100 unique analyses/features; analysis using drones/UAV/swarms, surveillance cameras, CBRN

·       Sniper location estimation and analysis, counter-sniper positioning

·       Helicopter/paratrooper landing zone analysis, HLZ planning

·       Explosion / Blast assessment and analysis, Cross-country movement and risk analysis

·       Game-like engagement/combat simulation  

Other Tools

·      Interactive visibility analysis

·      Accurate Realtime viewshed analysis

·      Environment Management Tools

·      3D Cadaster Tools (3D Cadaster and Real Estate, Land Management)

·      5G Signal propagation model and sensor location estimation: 3D Digital Twin Models of Urban Areas (3D Realistic City Models) serve as the main planning data

·      Noise map (acoustic propagation) & air pollution modelling 

3D Target Markets MipMap Suite

3D Cadaster

·       3D Cadaster is the Future of Property Management and City Planning 

·       It is possible to examine the interior of a selected property


Public Safety

·       Counter-Sniper Analysis; Blast Simulation

·       SWAT Operation Planning; VIP Transfer Safety Planning

·       Crime Analytics; Surveillance Camera Location Planning

·       Border Safety; Anti-Drone Threat Planning and so forth 


Disaster Management

·       Flash-flood Analysis; Earthquake Simulation

·       Tsunami Simulation; Wildfire Simulation

·       Blast Simulation; Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Threat Planning