MipMap Technologies


MipMap Technologies, was founded at the end of 2020 in the Netherlands by Prof.Dr.Kamil Eren, who has more than 40 years of experience in geomatic engineering, GIS, 3D data collection, processing and digital twin creation, R&D and technology development.

MipMap Teknolojileri (Turkey), MipMap DMCC (Dubai) and MipMap USA companies were also established for the same purpose.

Jeo Tek Ltd (Turkey) and Jeo IT Ltd (Turkey) are sister companies that provide significant knowledge and human resources support to MipMap Technologies.

We are a Platinum partner in Esri’s Partner Network. Esri is the global leader in location intelligence – a leading international supplier of geographic information system software, web-based GIS and geodatabase management applications.

MipMap has also signed an agreement with Esri to provide consultancy services until the end of 2022.  MipMap has entered into R&D and project agreements with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the World Bank. Leveraging our vast business experience in the Middle East, our growth strategy focuses on expanding business in Europe, Asia, and USA.

Mipmap offers spatial services on two primary fronts:

a)      Setting up foundational GIS infrastructures and providing geomatics engineering services  and

b)      Generating geospatial data infrastructure and applications, using cutting‐edge spatial technologies, thus providing a foundation for digital twins and smart cities.

Geodetic Engineering, Digital Mapping and GIS Services

Spatial data infrastructure, such as geodetic networks, identifying and generating GIS layers, and implementing geoportals goes beyond technology, requiring extensive expertise in the numerous intangibles of spatial data. The strength of MipMap in this area lies in its strong know‐how, generated by successfully completing over 100 large scale GIS projects spanning several decades.

The Cutting Edge of MipMap and Digital Twin Data Generation

Advances in computing power and the proliferation of IoT devices are pushing GIS into the next phase. MipMap’s future‐ready set of services and tools for spatial 3D and IoT were developed by independent R&D teams. These multi‐disciplinary teams were essential for implementing novel solutions such as gaming hardware-based coding, variety of ML/AI methods, optimized algorithms in fluid dynamics, fusing “Human‐in‐the‐Loop” IoT with facility spatial management, and more.

MipMap’s 3D Data Generation Pipeline

With increasing fidelity in spatial data capture and vast improvements in computational hardware, the types of powerful analyses once limited to focused CAD applications can now move into the urban scale. To this end the most important parameter is to get the correct level of model precision for the desired task, followed by the capacity to automate the generation process as much as possible. Mipmap’s 3D Data Generation Pipeline seamlessly combines a variety of high‐end tools, including automated feature extraction, AI based visual corrections, rapid rooftop modeling, and 3D model exporting.

In summary: your 3D urban models capable of handling precise analyses, ready in months, not years. 

MipMap’s 3D Visualization and Analysis Suite

MipMap’s 3D Visualization and Analysis Suite offers a set of 3D spatial analyses with “best in class” performance, pulling formerly lengthy processes such as visibility and flood simulations into the “real‐time” category. Tools in the suite include, but are not limited to:

  • Geospatial Visualization and Basic Computation
  • Flood and Rain Simulation
  • Terrain Filters
  • Novel Visibility Analysis
  • Public Safety Tools
  • Solar Energy Tools

MipMap’s IoT and Facility Management Solution

MipMap’s IoT and Facility Management Solution is a full vertical IoT technology stack including: 

a)      IoT hardware (also supports 3rd party hardware),

b)      Edge coding,

c)       Communication layer components,

d)      Workflow module,

e)      Content management system (CMS) and

f)        A mobile field application.

The novelty and power of our technology is a ground‐up focus on a flexible workflow core that brings all stakeholders (management, field operators, visitors etc.) into facility management, not just the technical experts. It is flexible enough to handle real‐time spatial management requirements in diverse settings such as factories, offices, universities, hospitals and more. 

Our IoT and Facility Management Solution can be combined with ArcGIS Indoors to bring your institution into the next frontier in smart spatial management.

MipMap’s Unique Geospatial Business Model

a)    Generate Smart Data (Multi-resolution, Multi-temporal, Multi-modal)

  • Data Modelling
  • Acquisition and Extraction
  • Data Query and Access

b)   Generate Value (Planning, Decision Making, Prevention, Smart Action and so on)

  • Data Analysis, visualization tools, reporting tools
  • Prediction and Prevention
  • Task Management

c) Generate Revenue (With some expansion on the data layers and tools / experts this approach, over time, covers the initial investment and generates a steady revenue stream for the first institution to set it up. There is great advantage in being first here) 

  • Municipalities, Ministries and Other Government Agencies (planning, disaster management, utilities, etc.)
  • Commercial and Private Sector (construction, real estate, task management, etc.)
  • Research & Development and Education (analysis, certification, training and so on)

Solutions and Projects

Whether you plan to set up your GIS fundamentals (encompassing the full range of requirements from data collection to value added geospatial applications), take the next step with real‐time 3D analysis or discover the boundless potential of IoT, MipMap can be your solution partner at every step.

MipMap is currently engaged in numerous strategic projects in the Middle East. The group’s customers are mainly global players such as PIF – NEOM of Saudi Arabia, RCU of Saudi Arabia, and Esri of USA. As an example, the group is engaged as one of the core suppliers to put Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the map as one of the top 100 smart cities in the world.