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MipMap Technologies proudly presents Turkey’s very first Smart Campus project with ArcGIS Indoors – Atlas University

Delft, NL – February 2022

University campuses around the world are getting larger and more complex, almost becoming micro-level cities with multiple buildings, rooms, outdoor spaces, venues, and other on-campus facilities, as well as their own administrative and security systems. It has become a major challenge for university administrators to manage, regulate and even navigate these campuses. While traditional technologies aid in the mapping of the outdoors, a substantial portion of campus space is indoors, requiring a modern approach to address indoor navigation, enhance campus management and improve way-finding capabilities. By applying the latest location technology – ArcGIS Indoors, MipMap Technologies aims to modernize and digitalize university campuses around the world and is now happy to announce its first digital campus project with Atlas University, located in İstanbul, Turkey.

With the Atlas University project, we have digitized the physical campus along with select business processes by implementing rules and workflows, creating a seamless experience between the 3D experience and daily tasks. The Atlas University campus has been built on 115,000 m2 including both indoor and outdoor areas, consisting of 3 connected blocks, 19 floors, 19 laboratories, and other facilities (libraries, sports training areas, cafes, restaurants, and other social areas). The project is currently in the second phase; focusing on IoT Integration (with Task Management), Business Workflow Digitalization and Operation Dashboard. The first phase has been successfully completed, having adopted initial capabilities including location awareness, space management and interactive campus information systems.

One of the targeted achievements is to control the status of the rooms via Room Monitor and Room Operations workflow. Due to the pandemic conditions, monitoring the air quality and other parameters is critical for rapid response. Parameters such as temperature, CO2 level, humidity and lighting can trigger pre-defined workflows to ventilate the room, turn off the lights and so forth. The insights from sensor networks and the data gathered by our proprietary technology Evolved.City, delivers real-time information to the related staff through interactive dashboards. Please refer to our Blogs for more details.

With the Atlas University project, we aimed to create Turkey’s first smart and digitally connected university campus. At MipMap Technologies, we believe in always thinking beyond limits and looking for novelty and innovation. Here, our goal is to be the “first-mover” in this area, seizing the opportunity to carry the benefits of indoor mapping to university campuses, giving them a powerful common operating picture based on ArcGIS Indoors, enhanced with our IoT based Task and Asset Management solution.

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